Eve Brandstein M.A., LMFT #46029


Actors’ Group Therapy

Registered MFT will lead group therapy for actors. This ongoing therapeutic experience will honor the actor’s issues.

Individual Coaching & Therapy Available

Private sessions. Career coaching. Scene work. Writing.

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Instruction – Classes

“I’d love to take a longer class from her. She’s damn wonderful. I didn’t get enough.”

Write Your Life: 4-Week Immersion Writing Workshop

For those who want to explore the stories & meaning of their lives through writing in a safe,creative, environment. An opportunity to write your story in poetry, prose or memoir through innovative exercises. This is an opportunity for personal as well as professional development Begin a larger work, create a one person show or just take part in a writer’s work out.

Women on Fire: Navigating the Mid-Life Passage

Women in midlife are challenged by transformation: physical, emotional and mental; changes in relationships, especially with partners, parents and children; as well as in work and vocation. Using the power of metaphor, we will explore this meaningful time in a women’s life and the new selves that are emerging. Come and create the narrative for the second half of your life:

  • Challenge cultural ideas about women at midlife
  • Witness and support other women’s journeys
  • Reconnect with your passion and discover new possibilities
  • Discover new values and dreams
  • Align your life to better express the woman you’ve become

The Business of Acting

This intensive class will focus on the actor’s career. Knowing how to be a businessperson is essential for a successful working actor. The emphasis is on the actor being able to look at themselves as a CEO of their artistic corporation. Featured are: development of entrepreneurial skills, image making, attaining goals both personally and professionally, and creating a self-management plan. Through exercises, interactive coaching and learning the specifics every actor should know, this class will take the actor on a journey from frustration to empowerment. This is a class for actors at all stages of their career. This course is a six-week series, and continually rotates throughout the year.

Actor’s Performance Lab

This writer/actor workshop emphasizes actors creating their own work. For the artist who wants to express a personal journey or embody another character’s life. Empower yourself with a creative work that becomes your own one-person show.

 Writing Workshops – in poetry, memoir, monologues, long and short forms.