Eve began making art in high school but then found her creative voice on many other paths, mostly in the entertainment industry. Recently she returned to her first love – art. Her work was on exhibit in the 40×40 show and she has participated group shows at The Art Studio and Susan Shomburg Gallery. Eve’s solo shows include three shows at TAG at Bergamot Station, Santa Monica and a 2012 show at Beyond Baroque, Venice.


As a post-modern thinker with a romantic heart, I engage in the language of images to tell another kind of story. As an artist I am able to create a physical poem using color and form. In this medium the image is the metaphor with the intention of creating an internal dialogue with the viewer. I want my work to stimulate individuality and bring the logical mind and the playful spirit together. Through symbol and externalizing inner feelings I hope to connect with the healing nature and salvation that art manifests.I truly believe art saves lives!

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