Revisiting Wildfire

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Great Pick of the Week for Poetry In Motion in the LA Weekly

For the latest installment of the ongoing “Poetry in Motion” series, the artist-poet Eve Brandstein has lassoed together an interesting lineup of performers to riff on the theme “Hidden Treasures.” As a former casting director for Norman Lear, Brandstein has had a lot of experience corralling disparate personalities, and one of her clever tricks to get tonight’s party started is to pair Tinseltown types like the writer Rex Weiner, actor Todd Waring, and comedians Tina Dupuy and Eric Schwartz with such poets as Peggy Dobreer. Two of L.A.’s finest hidden treasures are the poets Michael C. Ford and Suzanne Lummis. Ford has collaborated with members of the Doors, and jazzy rhythms pulse vibrantly through his frequently L.A.-centric work. Whether she’s corrupting Barbie by introducing her to Didion, Plath and Camus or gazing longingly through a bus window and lusting after “The Man in the Parking Lot of Sunset and Normandie,” the noir poet Lummis infuses her elegiac Angeleno snapshots with a sense of evocative playfulness. Like a masterful director, she sets you up for some icy thrills and chills when she juxtaposes her merry musings about her breasts, writer’s block and potential adult-film scenarios with darker glimpses into such stranded souls as Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Brown Simpson and a man who once tried to assault her. Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd., Venice; Sat., May 12, 9 p.m.; $10. (310) 822-3006. — By Falling James



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