11/17/2011 Fall Poetry Series presents Eve Brandstein & Raina Paris

Eve Brandstein, poet, has also been a major studio and network executive, producerafilm and theater director, writer/creator, and casting director. She is also anartist. Her poetry appears in national publications and she isone of the organizers of the celebrated reading series – Poetry In Motion,launched in 1988, and currently at Beyond Baroque. She is a publisher of The HollywoodReview an anthology of L.A. poets and also the author of “The Actor – APractical Guide to a Professional Career” plus has published severalcollections and anthologies of poetry chapbooks. Recently she co-produced andco-directed 13 episodes of “John Waters Presents Movies That Will CorruptYou.” Currently she directed the premiere of Revisiting Wildfire which isat the Odyssey Theater., LA. As an accomplished artist her work isshown at TAG Gallery at Bergamot Station, Los Angeles. Her next poetrycollection will be published and distributed by Zeitgeist Press.

In the Middle of the Night

Awake in the kitchen
between two bedrooms
my son asleep in one
my father in the the other
I consider
his limp & his lunch
his repetitions & his why
his criticism & his acceptance
his love & his love.
These two men eighty years apart
& me in the middle
between answers, still asking questions
wanting to be understood & gettingtold what to do
telling my son its time to go &being told I shouldn’t by my father.
In the middle of the night in thekitchen
I peel an apple
watching 4 AM traffic 21 floors belowQueens Boulevard
so far away from life in California& birth in Czechoslovakia
the end of his story & the beginningof his.
Troubled by some haunting
or something I haven’t done
being in the middle of everything
the night
the passage
the place between these two men.
I eat the apple bit by bit without asound
the traffic slips into summer
watch the morning amber press the cobaltsky
listen to his stirs & his snores
as I leave the last of skin and seeds
between parent & child. – E.Brandstein

Raina Manuel-Paris has been teaching Myth and Symbol as well as Magic and Ritual at the Art Institute of California-Los Angeles for the last 9 years. She is also adjunct faculty at the Pacifica Graduate Institute where she got her Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with emphasis in Depth Psychology in 2004. She has a Masters degree in Film from Columbia University. She has previously published works of non-fiction as well as poetry, and magazine articles. She is also a documentary filmmaker and a singer-songwriter. She is currently working on a magical novel.

My Heart is a Stranger

The house is quiet
the cat strides soundless
by the blue lamp skinny light
that shines upon my red fingers
tapping loneliness on the keys
like lovely Martians stranded
for the night.
I wait for the mad dog
of my anxiety
to release my lungs into a new breath.
I watch the blue screen
spread its wings with my tears.
They cloud my memory and go contrary
to the winds of the north hemisphere.
A thought peaks through like an arrow
reminding me that there is another
another like me somewhere in the darkness
who wants to touch me as I am
who doesn’t mind
my blatant lack of normal
my unintended youth
my wisdom of trains
and other moving things
that disappear in children’s eyes
when their soul has been lost
in the closet of mad lives.
There is another out there
who knows my heart is a stranger
to all things careless and too bright. -r.paris


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  1. Excellent poetry.

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