Comedy Noir – Poetry In Motion part of LA Noir Festival

Eve Brandstein
‎…And Laughing At The Dark – Comedy Noir POETRY IN MOTION LA since 1988 – season 2 @ Beyond Baroque. Sat. Nov 12. 9pm.
Rick Shapiro, Jonathan Schmock,Dylan Brody,Suzanne Whang,Eric Trules, Rip Taylor, Adrian Cunningham, Gloria Vando and featuring Rick Overton

Night and the City: L.A. Noir in Poetry, Fiction and Film
Poetry. Suddenly— It’s a crime. NIGHT AND THE CITY: L.A. NOIR IN POETRY, FICTION AND FILM October 15 – November 13 What: Kiss of Truth: Noir Women (followed by a screening of The Crimson Kimono); Sun Drenched Dark: Raymond Chandler and his Los Angeles Legacy; The Best of the Hard Boiled;Noir Continental Breakfast with Eddie Muller, “the Tsar of Noir” (says James Ellroy); Full Moon Noir: The Lighter Side of Noir; Valley Noir; Dark Laughter: Comedy Noir; Cine Negra: The Lost Tradition of Mexican Film Noir—and many more readings and panels. Who: James Ellroy, aka “The Demon Dog of American Crime Fiction,” author of The Black Dahlia, My Dark Places, L.A. Confidential; Naomi Hirahara, Edgar Award winner of the Mas Arai mystery series; Robert Polito, Director of The Graduate Writing Program, The NewSchool, NYC, editor of The Library of America anthologies Crime Stories of the 30s and 40s, and Crime Stories of the 50s, author of the forthcoming Detours: Seven Noir Lives; Denise Hamilton, editor of the Edgar-award winning anthologies Los Angeles Noir and Los Angeles Noir 2: The Classics, and the five Eve Diamond Crime Novels; Dick Lochte (“Sensational writing, mordant wit, an intricate crime puzzle, and a duo of private eyes as Wonky and offbeat as the mind of Dick Lochte” – Harlan Ellison on Laughing Dog). These and other noted local and visiting scholars, crime writers and noir poets will converge in Los Angeles to present their work, the work of the classic crime novelists, and discuss noir—its relevance today and its historical connection to the city. Where: Beyond Baroque, The Ruskin Club, The South Pasadena Library, The Japanese American National Museum, Max Bloom’s Noir Café, CBS Studios, Avenue 50 Studio, Libros Schmibros Lending Library and Used Bookstore, Book ‘em Mysteries – and other venues South to Fullerton, North to Ventura, Venice to East Downtown Los Angeles. So What’s the Big Deal: The Los Angeles Poetry Festival and Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center have organized Los Angeles’ first citywide, multi-arts noir series exploring the culture and history of Los Angeles through readings, panel discussions, film showings, musical performances, and visual art. And poetry. Every event will begin with a noir poem.


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