Walking in New York in Autumn

Walking in New York in Autumn

I understand his crisis now

now that it is over mine is just starting thinking

am I worthy

am I lovely

by nature the crisp leaf under my step

what a crunch what a snap

Here on Central Park South carriages are dancing into traffic horses nod

at the switch blades flashing against horse skins

dried and black

Buying peanuts for my nerves in the zoo

in the cage

the monkey says

what about it? are you worthy?

you sure look lovely he crunches

he snaps

mops his lover’s brow squeezes her ass laughs

I’m embarrassed

The musical clock chimes Leaves tumble into my view Walking fast

Walking East

Walking North

where winter waits where the Egyptians rest in turquoise shadow

trapped like mummys

we stood

snapping our fingers crunching the facts just like the ancient times just like this time

when I don’t know

if I’m worthy or

if I’m lovely

in the nature of fall

in the season of walking

– E. Brandstein


One comment

  1. Just shared on my “page.” Love the poem + you, more than I can say in poet-speak.

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