Monthly Archives: September 2011

Comedy Noir – Poetry In Motion part of LA Noir Festival

Eve Brandstein ‎…And Laughing At The Dark – Comedy Noir POETRY IN MOTION LA since 1988 – season 2 @ Beyond Baroque. Sat. Nov 12. 9pm. Rick Shapiro, Jonathan Schmock,Dylan Brody,Suzanne Whang,Eric Trules, Rip Taylor, Adrian Cunningham, Gloria Vando and featuring Rick Overton Night and the City: L.A. Noir in Poetry, Fiction and Film Poetry. […]

Eve Brandstein Presents Strictly Speaking

Thursday, October 20 · 6:00pm – 7:30pm Location Cornelia Street Cafe – NY 29 Cornelia St. SPOKEN WORD FROM BOTH COASTS! Jennifer Rawlings; Alana Free; Nathan P.; Tina Du Puy; Susan Merson; featutring, Michael Lally Eve Brandstein presents Strickly Speaking – One is Silver the Other is Gold! Writings read by LA, Bi-Coastal and NY […]

Walking in New York in Autumn

Walking in New York in Autumn I understand his crisis now now that it is over mine is just starting thinking am I worthy am I lovely by nature the crisp leaf under my step what a crunch what a snap Here on Central Park South carriages are dancing into traffic horses nod at the switch […]

Patti Smith and I have known this

In my Blakean year I was so disposed Toward a mission yet unclear Advancing pole by pole Fortune breathed into my ear Mouthed a simple ode One road is paved in gold One road is just a road In my Blakean year Such a woeful schism The pain of our existence Was not as I […]